Science is derived from latin word Scienta which means knowledge. science is the study of nature and behaviors of the materials and physical universe which is based on the observation, experiment also measurement and the formulation of laws of describe these facts in a generals terms. Scientists themselves have coined the historical accounts of their deciplines. By the late nineteenth century , histories of anatomy, geology, chemistry, physics and various emerging disciplines were apearing frequency. Many scientists of all over the world proved that science is socially beneficial and is reliable.

Technology is derived from the Greek word Tekhnologyia which means skills. Technology is the art of science of applying scientific knowledge to the practicle problems and also the application of science for commercial and industrial objectives. Due to the development of technology we are able to use various type of technological factors such as computers, electricity, communication facilities, auto mobiles, telephone, artificial satellites, space ships, aeroplanes etc. Technology and science are related to each other. After the research in science, technology come into exsistence.


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